TRB: Plan C and Plan D Reduction Factors

Plan C and Plan D Reduction Factors

In addition to Payment Plan N (Normal Allowance) which provides you with the largest benefit, CTRB offers Payment Plan C (Period Certain and Continuous) and Payment Plan D (Co-participant Option).
Payment Plan N provides you with the largest benefit. In the event of your death, your designated beneficiary would receive a LUMP SUM payment of your contributions and interest to the date of your retirement, less twenty-five (25%) percent of the total payments received to the date of your death.

Payment Plan C (Period Certain and Continuous) provides you with a reduced benefit during your lifetime with a certain number of payments guaranteed. You may choose a guaranteed period of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 years.  These payments will continue to be paid to you for your lifetime regardless of whether you outlive the period certain guaranteed. Should you die before receiving all of your guaranteed payments, your beneficiary will receive the remaining monthly payments until the end of the selected period.

Payment Plan D (Co-participant Option) provides you with a reduced benefit with the guarantee that upon your death, your Co-participant will receive a selected portion of your monthly benefit for life.  The benefit is payable over two lifetimes - yours and your Co-participantís. You may choose to have 100%, 75%, 66.6%, 50% or 33.3% of your benefit continue to your Co-participant upon your death.  

Step 1 - Determine Your Estimated Plan N Benefit using either the Benefit Estimator or the Benefit Estimator Worksheet.


Step 2 - Apply the Plan C and/or Plan D Reduction Factor to the Estimated Plan N Benefit.

Plan C and Plan D factors are available below.

The Plan reduction factors are made available to assist potential retirees in estimating retirement benefits under all the various Payment Plans available through this system.  The new Plan C and Plan D reduction factors effective September 1, 2017 result in a lesser reduction to a potential retirement benefit than the current reduction factors.


Please be sure to understand the terms of the Payment Plans and reduction factors before you retire, as you are locked into the payment plan you select as of the effective date of your retirement, even though you will receive your first retirement benefit at a later date.  Changes to your payment plan can only be made prior to the effective date of your retirement.

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