TRB: Additional Service Credit

Additional Service Credit

There are several types of credit that may be purchased at the time of your retirement to increase your retirement benefit.  Some are treated the same as actual Connecticut public school teaching (PDF 14KB) service and some are considered as Non-Connecticut.

Click on the following link for a listing of the types of Purchasable Credit in our system and the documentation required.  It is your responsibility to document this service on the appropriate forms.  All documentation must be complete prior to your retirement date.

The cost to purchase additional credited service is based on the increase to your retirement benefit and actuarial tables in effect in the year of your retirement.  The Pension & Additional Credit Worksheet calculator assumes annuity rates in effect for the current year and are subject to change.

If you were a member of this system in the past and withdrew your funds, you may purchase this Prior Connecticut Teaching Service (PDF 30KB) at any time after you return to this system as an active member.  To restore this credit, you will be required to pay the amount you withdrew plus interest from the date of refund to the date of final payment.  Contact this office in writing if you wish to receive an invoice for Prior Connecticut Service.

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