TRB: Post Retirement Reemployment

{Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)}

I am retired and receiving monthly benefits from CTRB. Are there any limitations on the amount of income I can earn as a retiree if I return to Connecticut public school teaching?

The post retirement reemployment rules are outlined in the Post Retirement Reemployment Bulletin (PDF 90KB).

A retired member may be reemployed as a teacher or administrator in the public schools of Connecticut and earn up to forty-five (45%) percent of the maximum salary level, established by the school district, for the position occupied.  This limitation is on a school year basis.  The employing school district and the retired member must notify this office by completing a Post Retirement Reemployment 45% Rule - Employer/Employee Form (PDF 52KB)

A retired member may be reemployed in a designated subject shortage area or a school in a priority school district and continue to receive pension income for a period of one school year.  (With prior approval by the Teachers’ Retirement Board, such reemployment may be extended for an additional school year).  The employing school district must submit a Subject Shortage Area or Priority School District Reemployment Form (PDF 104KB) to CTRB prior to the reemployment of the retired member.  While reemployed in a designated subject shortage area or a school in a priority school district, such former teacher shall be eligible for the same health insurance benefits provided to active teachers employed by such school system.  During this period of reemployment, a health insurance subsidy payment will not be issued nor is the reemployed member eligible to participate in a TRB Health Plan.

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