TRB: Cost of Purchasable Credit


Additional Service Credit Cost Estimator 

Steps to estimating the cost to purchase additional service credit:

  1. Read Disclaimer
  2. Documentation and Payment Methods
  3. Purchasable Service Credit
  4. Instructions for Additional Service Credit Cost Estimator


We have posted an update to the additional service credit cost estimator which replaces the original one.  The new version will produce smoother results when comparing the cost of single months or years to the cost of multiple months or years.  However, in order to create smoother and more predictable results there may be different outcomes comparing results between the two calculators.  Inasmuch as the staff does not have access to the old estimator results produced from the old estimator become null and void unless already included in a bill.  The results of any bills are only valid through the payment due date.  The results from the new calculator will prevail for service credit bills issued on or after January 1, 2010.

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