TRB: 2015-2016 Member Annual Statements

2015-2016 Member Annual Statements


The 2015-16 Member Annual Statements will be mailed by the end of December, 2016 to approximately 59,000 active and inactive members. The statement is mailed to the address on our records and reflects credited service, full-time equivalency, pensionable salary, interest and other information through June 30, 2016. 

The following documents provide additional information about the Member Annual Statement:

 A Sample 2015-2016 Member Annual Statement;

Understanding Your Member Statement - explains the various items on the Annual Statement;

 2015-2016 Annual Member Statement Information - includes information about TRB and procedures for obtaining information about the Annual Statement;

Administrator’s Letter – provides additional information about issues relevant to TRB members.

If you believe there is an error on your statement:

  • Photocopy your statement.
  • Highlight the year(s) in question and write a brief explanation of what you feel is incorrect.
  • Submit your to us by email to, by fax or regular mail.
  • Your account will be reviewed, any corrections will be made and you will receive a response and/or a corrected statement.
Let us know if you need a copy of your statement.

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