TRB: IRS 1099R Forms

IRS 1099R Forms

IRS 1099R Forms will be mailed before the end of January, 2017 to all members who received payments from this system during the 2016 calendar year.

If you need assistance in determining your tax liability, you should contact the Internal Revenue Service or the State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.

You can make changes to your withholding amount(s) at any time by completing the Federal and CT Withholding Change Form (PDF 271KB) and submitting it to this office no later than the first day of the month for the change to take place the end of that same month. (Benefits for the month are issued on the last business day of that month.)

Requests for replacement or duplicate forms (PDF 30KB) must be made in writing.  Requests for replacements will be accepted beginning on February 15, 2017. If an address change (PDF 14KB) is required, please be sure to include the change with your request. A member's signature is required for all address changes.

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