SustiNet: February 5, 2010, Childhood & Adult Obesity Task Force Regular Meeting Minutes - FINAL
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SustiNet Health Partnership
Childhood & Adult Obesity Task Force

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Board of Directors

Childhood & Adult Obesity Task Force Regular Meeting

February 5, 2010

Meeting Minutes


Task Force Attendees:  Lucy Nolan, Co-chair; Marlene Schwartz, Co-chair; Andrea Rynn; Neil Vitale         

Stakeholder Attendees:  Katie Martin; Tom Brooks


Office of the State Comptroller:

Absent:  Christine Finck; Jennifer Smith-Turner


Co-chairs welcomed all members to the meeting.  Minutes from 1/8/10 were approved with minor edits.

Michelle Cloutier had been scheduled to speak on the State Asthma Prevention Initiative, but this will be tabled until the 3/5/10 meeting.


Katie Martin/UCONN: Corner Market and Healthy Food Initiative:


·         Lack of access to healthy food-transportation environment.

·         Healthy food in Hartford - Hartford Food System has created Healthy Food Retailer Initiative to shift store inventories from “junk to healthy food offerings.”

·         Qualitative research-perceptions and barriers: cost, even above quality, was the most prominent issue; transportation is a barrier to finding offerings.  Preference is for medium-sized stores. There is a question of “what foods are healthy?”

·         Preliminary findings: WIC changes are having some effect; there is an increase in the percentage of stores carrying low-fat milk and a larger variety of fruit.

·         Implications:

o        Corner stores can play key role; there is a great deal of opportunity for improvement. 

o        WIC changes have been a positive influence. 

o        Advocacy will be a key issue going forward.

o        Targeting healthy snacking is important.


·         Next steps

o        Examine impact of WIC changes

o        Schools collaboration

o        Asset mapping

o        Snack Distributor collaboration

Linda Drake/CFPC, Presented by Lucy Nolan:


There was a discussion of CFPC background, mission, membership and work.  Food policies and effects, access and barriers, consumption and choices, food labeling, and cultural aspects were covered. Priority recommendations noted were:  farmland preservation, farmland viability, meat processing and smart growth.


Marlene Schwartz presented a draft copy of the report to the Sustinet Committee.  The report is divided into two sections: Guiding principles and Recommendations, and it is attached.  


The group welcomed Neil Vitale and he shared his perspective.


Meeting was adjourned. 


Next meeting 3/5/10 at 1:00 pm at CT Association of Non-Profits.


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