SustiNet: September 30, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting Summary
Board of Directors

{Document attached} September 30, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting Summary

SustiNet Board of Directors
Meeting of September 30, 2009
Meeting Minutes

Board Attendees (Appointing Authorities in parentheses): Nancy Wyman, Comptroller, co-chair; Kevin Lembo, Healthcare Advocate, co-chair; Paul Grady, Mercer (Rep. Lawrence Cafero); Norma Gyle, DPH (Governor M. Jodi Rell); Bruce Gould, AHEC (Sen. Donald Williams); Sal Luciano, Council 4 AFSCME (Rep. Christopher Donovan); Jeffrey Kramer, UConn School of Business (Rep. Denise Merrill); Jaime Mooney, Norwalk Hospital (Sen. John McKinney); Paul Lombardo for Thomas Sullivan, Insurance Commissioner, ex-officio.
Absent: Joseph McDonagh, Self-Employed (Sen. Martin Looney); Michael Starkowski, DSS Commissioner, ex-officio; Christine Vogel, Office of Health Care Access Commissioner, ex-officio; Robert Galvin, DPH Commissioner, ex-officio.
Legislative Attendees: Sen. Jonathan Harris, co-chair of the legislature’s public health committee

SustiNet Board of Directors co-chairs, members introduced themselves. Nancy Wyman thanked the board of directors, staff from the public health committee and from the offices of the Comptroller and Healthcare Advocate for their work in moving the work of the board forward.
Kevin changed items 3 and 4 on the agenda with the board’s consent.
First, Kevin addressed the changes to SustiNet under the public health implementer bill. He and Nancy have one appointment each for two new members on the SustiNet board to address racial, ethnic, cultural, and linguistic and gender health inequities.
The board had talked about including the Commission on Health Equity because of the need to addresses health equity issues, but the board has the power to create another advisory committee. Sal moved for the formation of the committee, Jeff seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.
Kevin also addressed bringing the co-chairs of the advisory committees to the board meetings to act ex-officio. That idea was supported by the board.
Work Plan Discussion
HIT – Jaime summarized proposed changes to the work plan: “determine core elements” should be the first item and best practices from other states should be
examined as well as keeping an eye on Washington, D.C. She raised a concern for discussion about working with other committees to accomplish the goals of the work plan. (Nancy raised the issue of ensuring the inclusion of all providers in this work.) Jeff said that the work plan represents a consensus, but is a work in progress.
Jaime made motion to adopt the work plan as amended, with the understanding that the vote on the work plans allows for amendment by committees. Jeff seconded the motion. Work plan was adopted unanimously by the board by voice vote.
Medical Home - Bruce said the work plan looks comprehensive but suggested the addition of a requirement to look at models that are already in operation across the nation. Bruce moved to adopt the work plan as amended, Paul seconded, and the board unanimously adopted the work plan as amended by voice vote.
Provider Advisory – Paul explained the changes he made to the work plan. The major change was to reflect the reimbursement issue that the committee was to take on—how providers would be reimbursed. Paul moved to adopt work plan as amended, seconded by Nancy. Board unanimously adopted the work plan as amended by voice vote.
Preventive Healthcare – Norma Gyle led a discussion suggesting changes to the work plan as follows: national programs should be assessed locally and statewide; assess connections among committees and state agencies and other states; assist in identifying funding opportunities, and; identify relevant cost estimates and proposed increases. Jaime recommended calling out alcohol abuse as its own issue separate from substance abuse. Norma suggested that the preventive healthcare committee will take this on. Norma also suggested a change to ensure that best practices are reviewed in developing a communications plan. Norma moved the work plan to be adopted as amended, Nancy seconded, and plan was adopted unanimously as amended by voice vote.
Work Force Task Force – Sal said that the plan is fine as written but may need to be amended as more information is available. Sal moved adoption of the work plan, Jeff seconded. Work plan was adopted unanimously by voice vote.
Tobacco Task Force – Kevin introduced the work plan and said no changes were made. Nancy moved adoption, Sal seconded and the work plan was unanimously adopted by the board on a voice vote.
Obesity Task Force – No changes were made to the draft work plan. Nancy moved to adopt the work plan, second was inaudible. Board unanimously adopted this work plan on a voice vote.
Board of Directors Work Plan – Kevin put forward the work plan for adoption. Paul suggested that there should be a specific plan for pricing and underwriting the SustiNet plan offerings. Paul also suggested that under financing that the board establish baseline costs. Jaime suggested separating the clauses on the section related to cost-sharing. Nancy moved for the work plan to be adopted as amended, seconded by Paul. Board unanimously approved the work plan as adopted by voice vote.
Kevin announced that the work plans would be posted on the web site and consensus was reached that committees should be able to make changes to their individual work plans.
Advisory Committees
Board was provided with the latest list of advisory committee members. Bios for perspective co-chairs were sent down to the board members prior to this meeting. Not all co-chairs can be filled because there isn’t a commitment by suggested co-chairs to serve in that capacity.
HIT – Jeff said Jaime and he reviewed the individuals on the list, and they propose Mark Boxer of ACS and Marie Smith a pharmacist and professor at UConn. Jeff moved that the nominations of Mark Boxer and Marie Smith be accepted as co-chairs of the HIT committee. Jaime seconded the motion and the board unanimously approved the nominations by voice vote.
Medical Home – Kevin nominated Ellen Andrews and Tory Westbrook as the co-chairs of this committee. Ellen is involved with PCCM effort. Tory is a physician and is also involved with the Commission on Health Equity. Kevin moved acceptance of the nomination. Nancy seconded.
The board unanimously approved the nominations by voice vote.
Kevin suggested that members of the remaining committees and co-chairs with those committees remain open for now. The board was OK with this.
Advisory committee co-chairs in consultation with the liaisons will develop the membership of the committees, although the board will have ultimate authority to vote on the advisory committee membership list. The board requested that the chairs of the committees cull the prospective membership lists to gauge ability to provide enough time and effort.
Liaisons and co-chairs should coordinate to begin their processes.
Jeff asked about requirements for making meetings public. Sal suggested using the website to make items public which the board agreed with. Vicki told the board that she will send the board members information on FOI requirements for open meetings and public records. The information should be shared with the committee and task force co-chairs by liaisons.
Jaime suggested that there may be some geographic gaps in the committee lists. Nancy suggested using the chambers of commerce to assist in getting individuals aboard. Paul said that he will remind the Business Council of Fairfield County at a meeting next week, about the need for folks from western CT to participate in advisory committees.
Paul asked that the AHRQ list that suggests how to ensure diversity on advisory committees be made available to the board. Kevin agreed.
There followed some coordination between the committees and the task forces, especially when issues overlap. Kevin suggested that the liaison process and having the advisory committee co-chairs sit ex-officio on the board may reduce lack of communication between the task forces and advisory committees.
The board established a regular meeting schedule for the remainder of 2009.
Kevin announced that the Health Care Work Force Task Force will meet on October 15, 2009 at 4:30 p.m. in LOB Room 1C.
Kevin announced that the Universal Health Care Foundation has offered to make Stand Dorn and Jonathan Gruber available to the board (and public) for a conference call. Since Board was interested, Kevin offered to arrange the call.
Kevin announced the two new SustiNet positions. Two job specifications have been submitted to DAS as a Health Program Associate and an Administrative Assistant. Kevin will keep the board updated on this process.
Kevin also told the board that there will be an “interested parties list” which will keep folks apprised of the status of this.
Lastly, Kevin reiterated a call for help with finding folks who are interested in serving on the new health equity committee. If board members know of interested persons, they can send the contact information to David Krause, or Vicki Veltri at

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 p.m.
The next meeting is scheduled for October 14, 2009 at 11:30 a.m. in LOB room 1D.

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