SustiNet: September 2, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda
Board of Directors

{Document attached} September 2, 2009 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

SustiNet Board of Directors Initial Meeting
September 2, 2009
LOB Room 1D
  1. Welcome (Co-chairs Nancy Wyman and Kevin Lembo)
  2. Introductions and Statements of Expectation, Commitment or Concern re the SustiNet Planning Process and Reform
  3. Review of Statutory Language and Responsibilities
  4. Discussion of Advisory Committees
    a.   Timeline
    b.   Membership (# and representation)
    c.   Leadership
  5. Discussion of Task Forces
    a.   Timeline
    b. Appointments
  6. Role of Health Equity Commission
  7. Creation of Work Plans for Board and Advisory Committees
  8. Next Meeting Schedule and Discussion of Future Meeting Schedule
  9. Review of Action Items
  10. Adjourn

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