SustiNet: June 9, 2010 Agenda, SustiNet Board of Directors General Meeting
Meeting Information

 SustiNet Health Partnership

Board of Directors


State Comptroller
Healthcare Advocare
Post Office Box 1543
Hartford, CT 06144-1543
Board of Directors General Meeting
June 9, 2010
9:30 a.m. 11:00 a.m. EST
Legislative Office Building
Room 1B
Hartford, Connecticut
  1. Welcome and Introductions

  2. Approval of May 14, 2010 General Meeting Minutes

  3. Approval of June 1, 2010 Special Meeting Summary

  4. Status Report:  Advisory Committees and Task Forces
    1. Health Disparities and Equity Advisory Committee
    2. Tobacco Use and Smoking Cessation Task Force
    3. Childhood and Adult Obesity Task Force
    4. Healthcare Quality and Provider Advisory Committee 
    5. Preventive Healthcare Advisory Committee 
    6. Health Information Technology Advisory Committee 
    7. Health Care Work Force Task Force 
    8. Patient-Centered Medical Home Advisory Committee

  5. Discussion: June December 2010 Work Plan

  6. Wrap-Up Anya Rader Wallack

  7. Unfinished Business

  8. Adjourn

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