SustiNet: October 28, 2009 BoD Meeting Agenda
Meeting Information

SustiNet Board of Directors Meeting
October 28, 2009
LOB Room 1E
  1. Welcome (Co-chairs Nancy Wyman and Kevin Lembo) & Introduction of Board Members
  2. Approval of meeting minutes for 9/2, 9/16 and 9/30 meetings
  3. Appointments to SustiNet Board of Directors
  4. Update on Task Force activities and announcement of Task Force meetings
    a.  Ellen Andrews – Healthcare Work Force Task Force initial meeting update
  5. Discussion of Advisory Committees
    a.  Approval of Leadership of Preventive Healthcare and Provider Advisory Committees
    b.  Timeline for finalizing other committee memberships—including Disparities and Equity Committee
  6. Brief Update on Website Status and Request for Input on Logo
    a. - portal to be active soon – meeting minutes, other information available now at SustiNet page on
    b.  Calendar – date, time and location of all board, advisory committee and task force meetings will be posted
    c.  Procedure for contacting us for participation on mailing list - sign up for e-lerts for meeting announcements, etc.
    d.  Questions about SustiNet generally, e-mail
    e.  Discussion on input for a logo design
  7. Other Business
    a.  New location for Board of Directors Meetings – LOB 1E
    b.  Re-schedule Gruber/Dorn call
  8. Adjourn

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