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With one chamber of Congress passing a major health care reform bill, a major overhaul of the country’s health system seems increasingly likely. States are going to have an important role no matter how the final act looks. National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is holding a six-part webinar series to help legislators and legislative staff navigate the labyrinthine dimensions of health reform. Register for any or all of these webinars at:,121,928#928
States Checking Up on Health Reform: Private Insurance Provisions
Friday, November 20, 3PM EST
The private health insurance market will change substantially under federal reform proposals.  Learn about exchanges, subsidies, minimum benefit packages and other private insurance reforms included in the recently enacted House bill HR 3962. What are their implications for states? Featuring Brian Webb, Manager of Health Policy and Legislation, National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

States Checking Up on Health Reform: Medicaid Provisions
Monday, November 23, 3PM EST

State Medicaid programs are likely to have new consumers and new responsibilities under federal health reform proposals.  Learn about Medicaid provisions set forth in HR 3962 including financing schemes, revised eligibility standards, quality measures, connections with Medicare, and other issues.  What are the key considerations for states as they get ready for change? Featuring Joy Johnson Wilson, Federal Health Policy Director, NCSL.
States Checking Up on Health Reform: Long-Term Care
Tuesday, December 1, 3PM EST (Date subject to change)
With Medicaid as the largest payer of long-term care services in the country, any changes in these services will directly affect state responsibilities. This session will discuss what states need to know and do.
States Checking Up on Health Reform: States Opting Out
Thursday, December 3, 3PM EST (Date subject to change)
As the great laboratories of democracy, many states have their own ideas for health care reform. This session will discuss the issues around state authority to accept, modify, or decline to participate in various components of federal health reforms. 
States Checking Up on Health Reform: Addiction Treatment
Tuesday, December 8, 3PM EST
This session will discuss the addiction treatment provisions in the federal health reform bill(s), the impact of federal reform on state parity mandates, and the impact state health reform has had on state substance abuse systems.
States Checking Up on Health Reform: Provider Capacity
Tuesday, December 15, 3PM EST
Among the greatest challenges facing the nation’s health care system is the shortage of primary health care providers. This session will discuss how reforms may address this problem. 

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