SOTS: Local Government - Table of Contents

Local Government - Table of Contents

Connecticut State Register and Manual

Section VII: Local Government

Dates of Town, City, and Borough Elections
Cities and Boroughs in Connecticut with Date of Incorporation
Grand Lists, Tax Rates, and Due Dates
Towns, Cities, and Boroughs - Officers and Statistics

Town Associations

Connecticut Town Clerks Association, Inc.
Registrars of Voters Association of Connecticut
Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
Connecticut Council of Small Towns
Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officials
Connecticut Police Chiefs Association
Police Commissioners Association of Connecticut, Inc.

Regional Agencies and Authorities

Regional Councils of Governments
Regional Resources Recovery Authorities
Regional Education Councils
Regional School Districts
Connecticut Library Consortium
Regional and Municipal Transit Districts
Regional Water Authorities

Connecticut Census Information

 Population of Connecticut by Counties
 Population of Connecticut Towns 1800-2010 (Summary)
 Population of Connecticut Towns 1756-1820
 Population of Connecticut Towns 1830-1890
 Population of Connecticut Towns 1900-1960
 Population of Connecticut Towns 1970-2010

 Additional Town Information

 Post Offices in Connecticut 
 Towns, Villages, and Districts with No Post Office of Same Name 
 Distances to All Towns in Connecticut from Hartford
 Connecticut Towns in the Order of Their Establishment

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