SOTS: Common Elements
Common Elements

V4 Template
 Register to Vote

V5 Template - Redesign
 Google Search (CRes6)
 Header (CRes 1)
 Header - Home Page
 Main Images - Rotating
 Home Page Layout
 Elections and Voting
 Business Services
 Civic Engagement
 Other Agency Services
 News and Announcements
 Highlights and Initiatives
 Footer - Home Page
 Footer Links (CRes 2)
 Elections & Voting - Home Page
 Business Services - Home Page
 Board of Accountancy - Home Page
 Other Agency Services - Home Page
 Index Pages - Links Template
 eRegs - Site Offline Message
 Advert Graphics
 SBOA - TEST Home Page 3 Colum
 Main Image- Primary Results
 Google Custom Search (CRes 6)
 2 Main Images - Nov 2nd - Nov 8th
 1 Main Images - Pre November 1st
 3 Main Images - Nov 8th 6am - 8pm
 5 Main Images - Nov 11th TBD
 4 Main Image - Nov 8th - Nov 11th