SERC: Connecticut SERC Membership


Effective July 1, 2011, the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) is comprised of eighteen members: the Commissioners of the Departments of Energy and Environmental Protection, Emergency Services and Public Protection,  Public Health, Transportation, and Labor; the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management; the State Fire Marshal; the State Fire Administrator; the Adjutant General of the Military Department; (or their designees or a designee); and nine (9) members appointed by the Governor.

Chairperson / SERC Administration:

Gerard P. Goudreau, SERC Chairperson

Peter Zack, SERC Administrator
Acting Director, Emergency Response and Spill Prevention Division
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Commission Members

Public Act 11-51, An Act Implementing the Provisions of the Budget Concerning the Judicial Branch, Child Protection, Criminal Justice, Weigh Stations and Certain State Agency Consolidations.  While the transition is taking place, please continue to check back here for up-to-date information on Commission Members. 


Department of Energy and Environmental Protection
Peter Zack, Acting Director, Emergency Response and Spill Prevention Division,
Bureau of Materials Management and Compliance Assurance
Raul Pino, MD, MPH
Department of Public Health
David Kallander, Ph.D.
Environmental and Occupational Health Assessment Program 
James P. Redeker
Department of Transportation
Adam G. Fox, P.E.
Principal Engineer
Environmental Compliance
Bureau of Engineering and Construction
Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection
William J. Hackett
State Director of Emergency Management Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
Jeffrey J. Morrissette, Secretary
State Fire Administrator
Office of the State Fire Administrator
Department of Labor
Jim Pierce
Occupational Hygienist
OSHA Division 
Secretary of
Office of Policy and Management
David LeVasseur
Undersecretary of the Intergovernmental Policy Division 
Department of Administrative Services
William Abbott
State Fire Marshal
Office of State Fire Marshal 
Division of Construction Services
CT Adjutant General
Connecticut Military Department
Brigadier General Welch
Connecticut Military Department
The following list represents the nine (9) SERC members appointed by the Governor, four (4) represent the public; three (3) represent owners or operators of facilities; one (1) is the fire chief of a municipal fire department whose employees are compensated for their services; and one (1) is the fire chief of a volunteer fire department.  The members of the SERC are appointed by the Governor to the Commission and serve for two (2) years, or until a successor is appointed and has qualified, whichever is longer. 
Appointees Represent
Gerard P. Goudreau - Serves as Chairperson
Robert J. Araujo
Chief John C. Littell
Tolland Fire Department
Volunteer Fire Department
Chief Edward N. Richards
Enfield Fire Department 
Municipal Fire Department 
Dr. M. Saud Anwar  Public
John A. Elsesser
Town of Coventry
Kyle Zimmer, Jr. Public
Carol Violette
  • Terms of appointees are effective on a specific date and end on a specific date or until a successor is appointed and has qualified, whichever is longer.

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