SERC: Programs and Services

Programs and Services

The State Emergency Response Commission (SERC) offers the following programs and services: 

Administrative Services

  1. Administers grants for planning and training activities that fall under emergency preparedness and emergency response roles and responsibilities. 
  2. Maintains SERC Website and dedicated phone line to better serve LEPC members and the public.
  3. Coordinates hazardous materials training, education, technical assistance and outreach activities.
  4. Designates local emergency planning districts.
  5. Appoints and coordinates local emergency planning committees for each district.
  6. Maintains current list of LEPC memberships.
  7. Directs requests for information to the appropriate official and/or member of the LEPC.
  8. Establishes procedures for receiving and processing requests from the public for information about chemicals in their community and/or copies of chemical inventory forms and toxic release inventory forms.
  9. Acts as a repository for EPCRA Chemical Inventory forms and Extremely Hazardous Substance notifications from industry and municipalities.
Emergency Preparedness and Emergency Response Functions
  1. Increases state and local emergency response capabilities through preparedness planning activities and exercises.
  2. Promotes local emergency response plan annual updates.
  3. Participates in drills and exercises.

Content Last Updated on November 29, 2006