SERC: Welcome from Chairman

Chairman's Message

The SERC was created in response to the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) of 1986.  The SERC membership is comprised of individuals who represent the interests of state and local government, emergency services, industry and the environment.  Currently, the SERC supports 107 Local Emergency Planning Committees and five (5) Regional Emergency Planning Committees consisting of a total of sixty-two (62) municipalities.
The SERC is proud to provide technical assistance and/or funds to the Local Emergency Planning Committees to support coordination of emergency response planning between planning districts and along major transportation routes.  In addition, we continue to provide training opportunities to help communities prepare for chemical emergencies.
We would like to extend our genuine thanks and appreciation to all the agencies, commissions and communities involved with the SERC who have continually supported its mission.   
Thank you.
{Gerard Goudreau, Connecticut Emergency Response Commission Chairman}
Gerard P. Goudreau
SERC Chairman