seec: eCRIS Training

eCRIS Training Agenda
Each session will be held at the State Elections Enforcement Commission offices located at 20 Trinity Street in Hartford. Directions and parking instructions will be distributed upon confirmation of attendance.

  {SEEC}  Standard vs. nonstandard reports

  {SEEC}  Creating a new report

  {SEEC}  Entering new contributions

  {SEEC}  Amending existing contributions

  {SEEC}  Amending contributor's aggregate contributions

  {SEEC}  Registering fundraising events

  {SEEC}  Personal Funds of the Candidate vs. Campaign Expenses Paid by Candidate

  {SEEC}  Reporting receipt of grant funds

  {SEEC}  Reporting refunds, voided checks, rebates and the Penny Test

  {SEEC}  Entering Committee expenditures (with and without itemization)

  {SEEC}  Initial reporting of expenses incurred but not yet paid (along with reconciliation once  
     expenses are paid)

  {SEEC}  Filing to State

  {SEEC}  Filing an amendment

To RSVP, email your name, committee name and phone number to:


Schedule one on one training contact eCRIS Helpdesk at 860-256-2930

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