seec: Paper Filers


With the creation of new independent expenditure forms in light of Citizens United and further automation of our processes, the Commission issued Advisory Opinion 2014-02 which articulates that in order to be deemed a filing, a disclosure statement filed with the Commission must, at a minimum:

1. be signed and dated under penalty of false statement by the legally authorized person;

2. cover the applicable time period required by the applicable section or subsection of General Statutes 9-608, 9-601d or 9-712; and

3. be on the proper form required for that person for that filing.

Commencing with the filing due July 10, 2015 and all filings due thereafter, submissions that do not meet the above requirements will not be deemed sufficient filings and will result in penalties for late/non-filings if they are not timely fixed.  They will be date-stamped and made publicly available with the notation that they are insufficient.

Please note that committees may no longer attach printed spreadsheets or other information in lieu of completing any section of the prescribed forms (SEEC Form 20, SEEC Form 23, SEEC Form 30, SEEC Form 26, SEEC Form 40).

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