seec: periodic reporting requirement

Periodic Reporting Requirements

Traditional political committees (SEEC Form 20 filers) and independent expenditure only political committees (SEEC Form 40 filers) must file according to the schedule of a political committee:

  • January 10, April 10, July 10, and October 10;
  • 7 days preceding the primary or referendum, if they have received or spent in connection with a primary or referendum;
  • 7 days preceding the election (during an odd year, if they have received or spent in connection with the election; during an even year, they must file regardless of activity);
  • 45 days after the election when the election is not held in November.
Unlike other persons, committees must file on the four quarterly dates and the seventh day preceding the election date (during an even year) regardless of whether they had any specific incidents of financial activity.
Commission staff prepares filing calendars for committees setting forth the specific filing deadlines and publishes them on the Commissionís website.

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