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2017 Municipal Elections
  Municipal Candidates and Treasurers                          

{Declaratory Ruling 2007-01: Citizens}  2017 Municipal Election Campaign Overview

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On June 30, 2015, the Governor signed Special Act 15-14 into law which permits the Commission to establish a pilot program that allows up to 20 municipalities to transfer some or all of their filing repository duties to the Commission for the 2017 election cycle.

Participating Towns:

CheshireKillingworthNew BritainSimsbury
ColchesterManchesterNew HartfordStonington
East HaddamMeridenNorwichTrumbull
East HavenMiddletownPomfretWest Hartford

{Questions from municipal candidates, municipal slate committees or town committees: }           

Contact:  860-256-2985

  Town Clerks                           
Please be advised that P.A. 11-48  removes the requirement that town committees file a copy of their financial reports with the Town Clerk.  SEEC requested this revision since all the reports are filed with us and are available via eCris.  The Town Clerks remain responsible for all filings by municipal candidates, municipal slate committees, municipal political committees and referendum committees. 
{Declaratory Ruling 2007-01: Citizens}  Sample Letters for Town Clerks

{Declaratory Ruling 2007-01: Citizens}  Filing Calendars

{Declaratory Ruling 2007-01: Citizens}  Registration Forms

{Declaratory Ruling 2007-01: Citizens}  Financial Disclosure Forms

{Declaratory Ruling 2007-01: Citizens}  Guidebooks

{Questions from Town/City Clerks: }

Contact:  860-256-2985       


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