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CEP Training Dates

The role of campaign treasurer is extremely important.  Treasurers are responsible for ensuring that campaign funds received by the committee are from permissible sources and within permissible limits and that disclosure of contributions and expenditures is made both fully and timely.  The purpose of these workshops is to facilitate your understanding of the various rules that apply to each candidate’s campaign.  If you are a treasurer of a candidate that intends to participate in the Citizens’ Election Program, your attendance at one of these workshops is essential.  Candidates and staff are also encouraged to attend.
The State Elections Enforcement Commission is the state agency responsible for enforcement of the campaign finance laws, and therefore monitors compliance with the requirements.  Our goal is to prevent problems from occurring.  Our workshops provide you with a detailed explanation of your duties and are the best free advice that you will receive during the campaign.

To RSVP, email your name, committee name and phone number to:

2016 CEP Candidate & Treasurer Training Seminars
Location: 20 Trinity St, Hartford


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