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 Compliance Unit

The Compliance Unit drafts Advisory Opinions, Declaratory Rulings and Opinions of Counsel, and communicates informal verbal advice to thousands of citizens. The attorneys assist citizens, candidates and committees with their understanding of, and participation in, the election process and this includes both the public financing and private financing requirements of the campaign finance statutes.  They answer questions regarding state and local elections, referenda, fundraising and the landmark Citizens' Election Program.  The attorneys work closely with the Commission's staff to bring campaigns and committees into compliance with election law and, to this end; the team publishes numerous handbooks, guides and other informational material.
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Organization of Staff

  {click here} Shannon Kief - Legal Program Director
Tel. (860)256 - 2940 | Email -
  {click here} Marianne Sadowski - Staff Attorney 3
   Tel. (860)256 - 2940 | Email -
{click here} Joshua Foley - Staff Attorney 3
  Tel. (860)256 - 2940 | Email -
{click here} Lindsey Leung - Staff Attorney 3
  Tel. (860)256 - 2940 | Email -

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