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Municipal Campaign Finance Filing Pilot Program - 2017 Election Cycle

Participating Towns
CheshireKillingworthNew BritainSimsbury
ColchesterManchesterNew HartfordStonington
East HaddamMiddletownPomfretWest Hartford

On June 30, 2015, the Governor signed Special Act 15-14 into law which permits the Commission to establish a pilot program that allows up to 20 municipalities to transfer some or all of their filing repository duties to the Commission for the 2017 election cycle.  Transferring these duties will greatly increase efficiencies and create cost savings throughout the State by making the Commissionís electronic filing system, eCRIS, available at the municipal level.  It will also increase public disclosure of local campaign filings as they would be available online for the first time, and it would increase consistency in compliance and support for local candidates. 
The act mandates a study of the pilot programís efficiencies to determine whether the Commission should assume these filing duties for all municipalities in the future.

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