seec: New changes to SEEC Form 20

2015 changes to SEEC Form 20

For the 2015 municipal cycle, the Commission issued a new SEEC Form 20 (rev. 2/15) to fully integrate changes to the campaign finance laws made in Public Act 13-180.  For an explanation of those changes, please see the summaries of important law changes applicable to political committees, party committees, and municipal candidates available on the Commission’s website.

The Commission also took this opportunity to implement treasurer suggestions and to make additional changes to the SEEC Form 20 in order to assist treasurers and the public with easier and more accurate disclosure.  The most notable of these changes are as follows:

{Agency Units}  TYPE OF EXPENDITURE FIELD (Sections P, R, S, and T)

The “Type of Expenditure” field has been a source of confusion for many treasurers so we have made changes to help the treasurer complete this field.  We have added a “none of the below” box and provided more detailed explanations of the other boxes so that treasurers have a clearer understanding of the type of expenditure they are reporting.  This field appears in the following sections: Section P. Expenses Paid by Committee, Section R. Expenses Incurred on Committee Credit Card, Section S. Expenses Incurred by Committee but Not Paid During this Period, and Section T. Itemization of Reimbursements to Committee Workers and Consultants.

{Agency Units}  SECTION C2. Reimbursements or Surplus Distributions from Other Committees

The “Expenditure #” field has been added and is to be used when the committee received payment from another committee for a reimbursement for a shared expense.  This will assist both the treasurer and the public in identifying the specific expenditure for which the reimbursement was received.
The box for “Payments for goods and services” has also been removed.

{Agency Units}  SECTION L1.  Event Information

The section has been modified so that the committee can report all events, whether or not they are categorized as fundraisers.

{Agency Units}  SECTION L5.  In-Kind Donations Not Considered Contributions Associated with a House Party

A new section has been created to assist the treasurer in reporting house parties.  By separating house party donations from all other types of in-kind donations not considered contributions which remain reportable in Section L4, the treasurer can better keep track of whether individuals have met their house party limits for the year/election and whether the house party itself has reached its monetary limit.


“Party building activity” has been broken down into three different codes for more helpful disclosure.  A code for  “campaign training events” has also been added.

The instructions accompanying the SEEC Form 20 have been revised to integrate and explain these changes.  If you have any questions on the changes to the SEEC Form 20 after reviewing the form and its instructions, please contact Commission staff at 860-256-2940.  We appreciate the important work you, as committee treasurers, do for this state and hope you find these changes helpful in providing the adequate level of disclosure to the public.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you need to amend any reports filed prior to the April 2015 quarterly statement (i.e. the January 2015 quarterly statement), you will need to use the prior version of the SEEC Form 20.  For manual filers, the prior version of the SEEC Form 20 (rev. 6/14) will remain on our website for this reason.  For eCRIS filers, eCRIS will automatically provide you with the proper version of the SEEC Form 20 you should use to amend.

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