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eCRIS Help
  {Organization of Staff}  Requirements

Internet connectivity (DSL or Cable modem highly recommended).
A web browser (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher recommended)

Valid and active email address.

How To Create User Name:

Open a new internet browser session.

Visit eCRIS website.

Click on the Create an Account link.  You must be a registered user in order to use the SEEC Secure
Online applications such as eCRIS.  You will need the following information to successfully create a
valid user name:

Provide a User Name:

· It must be unique and easy to remember.

· It must be at least 4 characters in length. We recommend  using a first initial
 of your first name and the last name (for example:  If your name is John A Doe
 then use jdoe as your user name).  In an event where the user name already
  exists, we recommend adding middle initial to your user  name  such as jadoe. 

· Your user name is NOT case sensitive which means that jdoe, Jdoe, JDoe and JDOE
 are all valid user names. 

NOTE: If you try to create a User Name that does not meet these requirements or that is already
 taken, then you will be prompted to try again.

Provide a Password:

· Having a secure password is especially important in order  to keep your information confidential. The following requirements and tips help ensure that your password is
 not compromised:


·Your Password must be at least 8 characters in length and MUST contain at least one
of the special characters (e.g. %, @, _, $, #, *).

·Your password is case sensitive. Please be aware of this fact when entering it during login.


·Do not use common words as passwords.

·Do not base your password on personal information that is publicly available.

·Include a healthy mix of letters and numbers.

·Select a password that you can remember but is hard to guess for others.

                 ·Change your password periodically and whenever you suspect that it is not secret.

                 ·Do not share your password with anyone - even with the SEEC staff.

                 ·Always log out when you are finished using SEEC Online Secure Application site and close the browser window.

If the password does not meet the above mentioned requirements then you will be prompted to reenter the password.

Confirm your Password:

·Retype your password.  If the two passwords do not match then you will be prompted to reenter the passwords.

Provide an Email:

·Enter a valid e-mail address where you can be contacted. A confirmation of your user name creation will be sent to the email address you provide during sign up.  The system allows you to create one user name per email address. 
NOTE:  You can use the same user name to represent more than one committee, however.

Provide a Phone number:

·Enter a phone number where you can be contacted during the business hours. Use 9999999999 format to specify the phone number.  You must include the area code.  Please make a note of the phone number provided.  You will need it in the event you forget your password and request a password to be reset.

Choose a Security Question and provide an Answer:

·Select a Security question from the drop down list. Enter the answer to the security question in the Security Answer text box.  Please make a note of the Security
Question and answer.  You will need it in the event you forget your password and request a password to be reset.

                    Upon successful creation of the User Name, the system will prompt you that an email
                    confirming your user name creation will be sent to you.  Check your email account and
                      click on the link provided in the email.

                    Verify your password.

                    Upon successful verification of your password, the system will display the message that                  
                     your  User Name has been activated.

                    Congratulations.  You have now successfully created a new User Name.

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