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Andrew Cascudo
Andrew Cascudo was appointed to the Commission by Governor Dannel P. Malloy for a term commencing July 2018. Mr. Cascudo is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a bachelorís degree in Political Science as well as the University of Connecticut School of Law. 
He currently serves as in-house counsel for Aetna
where he supports contracting, product development, financial sanction and anti-corruption compliance as well as Aetna Internationalís entry into new markets in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean; he previously served as Aetna Internationalís Compliance Officer for the Americas. Prior to joining Aetna, Mr. Cascudo served as an Elections Officer and Staff Attorney for the State Elections Enforcement Commission and was part of the team that launched the Citizensí Election Program in 2008. Mr. Cascudo has also held various roles for political parties and campaigns on the state and national level.


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