Racial and Ethnic Disparity Commission (CJS)
{Welcome to the Racial and Ethnic Disparity Commission}
The Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System was created by the Connecticut state legislature in 2000 (Public Act 00-154). The stated purpose of that act was "to establish a commission dedicated to eliminating racial and ethnic disparity in the criminal justice system." The Commission's membership and charge are set out in section 51-10c of the Connecticut General Statutes.
Tuesday, April 1, 2014, the Commission held The Color of Justice at CCSU. Attendees viewed a 30-minute documentary of the same name on the effect race plays in how Connecticut juveniles are treated in the juvenile justice system. They also listened to a brief presentation on the rates of disparity in Connecticut before engaging in dialogue on the topic.
The state's own studies show that minority children enter the juvenile justice system at a higher rate than their white peers and are treated more harshly there. Research shows that these differences arenít because of how kids behave, but because of the decisions that adults make.
To read "Documentary Exposes State's Racial Bias", an April 9th CCSU Recorder article about the event, click here.