PURA: What transmission pipelines serve CT?

What Transmission Pipelines Serve Connecticut?
Connecticut is served by three interstate gas pipelines:

{Map of CT transmission pipelines} Algonquin Gas Transmission (AGT - Enbridge) originates in New Jersey where it connects to Texas Eastern and runs from Danbury northeasterly to Thompson, with major spurs to North Haven and New London.

Iroquois Gas Transmission System (IGT) starts at the Canadian border, enters Connecticut at Sherman and runs southeast through Milford, then offshore to Long Island.

Tennessee Gas Transmission (TGP -Kinder Morgan) starts in the Gulf, enters Connecticut in Greenwich, runs northeasterly leaving Connecticut in Suffield, with a spur from Massachusetts to Torrington.

{AGT pipeline logo} {Iroquois pipeliine logo} {Tennessee Gas Pipeline Logo}

There are approximately 590 miles of transmission pipeline in Connecticut, including 16 miles in Long Island Sound.  These pipelines range in size from 2 to 36. Pressures range from 750 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) to 1,440 psig. There are 5 compressor stations in Connecticut with a total of approximately 110,300 horsepower.

To view maps of the interstate gas pipelines, visit www.npms.phmsa.dot.gov

Siting Information:

Interstate transmission pipeline siting is the responsibility of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission . The  Connecticut Siting Council  is responsible for intrastate transmission pipeline siting. View the Connecticut Siting Council Application Guide for more information on the process.  The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority is not involved in the siting of transmission lines.

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