All natural gas utility filings submitted by the three local distribution companies:  Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation, The Southern Connecticut Gas Company, and Yankee Gas Services Company are processed by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA). 

These filings include complex regulatory issues including: 

  • cost/rates of gas supply,
  • volatility of gas prices,
  • increased demand for gas,
  • gas supply,
  • constrained pipeline capacity into Connecticut,
  • availability and relatively high cost of liquid natural gas (LNG),
  • affiliate transactions,
  • conservation of natural gas,
  • transportation service,
  • cost-of-service,
  • rate design, and
  • revenue requirements. 
PURA also handles all third-party gas supplier registrations.
Gas Utility Companies (Local distribution companies regulated by PURA)

View more information including gas supplier registration forms, distribution company tariffs, annual reports, Decisions, and filings in pending dockets.

Gas/Gas Pipeline Safety Information

Content last updated December 2011