PURA: Utility Scorecard

Historical Utility Scorecard Reports for Years 2001 - 2010

The Consumer Scorecard is based on an index number that shows the number of complaints per 100,000 customers, which enables comparison of large and small companies alike. For very small companies, even a minor change in the number of complaints could dramatically change a company’s score from one year to the next. To calculate the scorecard, PURA uses only those contacts classified as jurisdictional complaints; that is, calls, letters or e-mails from customers who first contacted the utility company about their complaint but remained dissatisfied even after speaking to the utility company. The information in the Consumer Scorecard does not reflect the validity of the complaint, just that the customer was not satisfied with the company’s service, response or proposed resolution to his or her complaint.

Consumer Scorecard for 2010

Consumer Scorecard for 2009

Consumer Scorecard for 2008

Consumer Scorecard for 2006

Consumer Scorecard for 2005

Consumer Scorecard for 2004

Consumer Scorecard for 2003

Consumer Scorecard for 2002

Consumer Scorecard for 2001


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