POSTC: General Notice 07-2 Response to Crimes of Family Violence





To:            Chief Law Enforcement Officers

                 Training Officers

                 Protective Services

                 Resident Troopers


From:         Thomas E. Flaherty

                 Executive Director


Date:          October 23, 2007


Subject:      Connecticut's Police Response to Crimes

                 Of Family Violence Model Policies,

                 Procedures and Guidelines: Revised through June 2006 

                 And New Public Acts 2007 (PA 07-78 and 07-123)



This is to inform you that POSTC in cooperation with the Office of Chief State’s Attorney and Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence has updated the above model policies, procedures and guidelines to include the new Public Acts 2007 (PA 07-78 and 07-123).


This publication is posted on our website for you to download copies for department personnel.


All law enforcement agencies who participated in the Domestic Violence Conference on October 2, 2007 in Portland, Connecticut received a CD version for copy purposes.