POSTC: General Notice 05-4 Criteria for Instructor Cert




To:          Chief Law Enforcement Officers

               Training Officers

               Protective Services

               Resident Troopers


From:       Thomas E. Flaherty

               Executive Director


Date:       May 27, 2005


Subject:   POST Council Criteria for Instructor Certification for New Areas


        Area 308 redefined to 308 (all six (6) areas)

308A   “Driving Simulators”

308B   Time/Space Management

308C   Backing and Parking

308D   Vehicle Control

308E   Pursuit Driving

308F   Pursuit Driving Practical (Skill) Application

509A   Suicide Bombers

525     SLATT Training (State & Local Anti-Terrorism)

615     Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

622     Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

626     Critical Incident Response

627     National Incident Management (NIMS)          


On September 9, 2004 and May 5, 2005 the POST Council adopted new areas of instruction for the “Basic Training Curriculum.”  Herein contained are the Instructor Criteria to become certified as a POST Council instructor in those areas.  Instructors who are currently certified for “Critical Incident Response” under area 612 should request a change to area 626.    



308A “Driving Simulators”

a)   Successful completion of an approved train-the-trainer course in the equipment to be used.

b)   Completion of a POST approved lesson plan of four hours consisting of:

  1. Identification of concepts and techniques consistent with POSTC approved space/time management training.
  2. Identification of concepts and techniques consistent with collision avoidance and vehicular control.
  3. Identification of strategies for emergency vehicle response and corresponding driving skills.
  4. Identification of pursuit driving strategies, guidelines and driving skills.


308B - Time/Space Management

POSTC approved program for time/space management, route planning and classroom preparation.


308C - Backing and Parking

(a)  POSTC approved program for

  1. Reference Points of vehicle placement
  2. Reverse maneuvering skills and philosophy
  3. Creation of a remediation process for related errors in reverse maneuvering.

(b)  Train-the-trainer course approved by POSTC staff.


308D - Vehicle Control Skills (Braking and Steering)

(a)  Demonstration of skills and techniques associated with POSTC approved time/space


(b)  Certification as a instructor in area 308B

(c)  POST approved train-the-trainer program which would include:

  1. Demonstration of skills and techniques necessary for braking and steering during emergency vehicle operation and collision avoidance,
  2. Demonstration of skills and techniques necessary for skid control and recovery,
  3. Development of a remediation process for driver errors associated with braking or steering deficiencies.

308E - Pursuit Driving

POSTC approved program for instruction of issues related to pursuit driving and preparation of classroom presentation. 



308F – Pursuit Driving Practical (Skill) Application


(a)  POSTC approved law enforcement instructor area 308E.

(b)  A practicum of two POSTC basic training sessions for the practical instruction of pursuit driving.



509A - Suicide Bombers


A train-the-trainer course for at least 24 hours approved by POSTC.



525 - SLATT (State and Local Anti-Terrorism)


POSTC approved train-the-trainer program (DOJ/Homeland Security).



615 - Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


POSTC approved train-the-trainer course sponsored/approved by DOJ.



622 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


POSTC approved train-the-trainer course.



626 - Critical Incident Response


POSTC approved train-the-trainer course.



627 - National Incident Management (NIMS)


POSTC approved on train-the-trainer course (course can be taken online).