POSTC: General Notice 03-2 August Basic Recruit Training Session



To:                Chiefs of Police
                     Training Officers
                     Resident Troopers
                     Protective Services

From:             Susan E. Rainville
                     Acting Executive Director

Date:             June 24, 2003

Subject:         August Basic Recruit Training Session

On June 19, 2003, the Police Officer Standards and Training Council voted to cancel the August Basic Training Session.

This decision was based on three considerations:

1) The fact that the legislature reduced the operating budget by one Basic Training Session.

2) The low number of requests for seats.

3) The on-going construction at the Academy including the fact that the kitchen area will be closed for a minimum of two weeks during the time that the August session would be in attendance.

The next scheduled training session will start on October 17, 2003. If construction stays on schedule, we will be in our new dormitory rooms and new 50 seat classrooms by that time and will be able to accommodate 48 recruits per session. This should allow us to catch up to any backlog in a relatively short period of time.