POSTC: General Notice 02-01 Basic Recruit Training Curriculum



To:                  Chiefs of Police
                       Training Officers
                       Resident Troopers
                       Protective Services

From:               T. William Knapp
                       Executive Director

Date:               June 3, 2002

Subject:           Basic Recruit Training Curriculum

The Police Officer Standards and Training Council, at its May 2, 2002 meeting, voted to accept the following recommendation of the Curriculum Committee relative to the following change in the Basic Recruit Training Program:

"The Police Officer Standards and Training Council hereby adopts the Curriculum Committee's proposed amendments to the "Instructional Goal" and "Performance Objectives" of the Subject Area 407 "Substance Abuse" of the Basic Recruit Training Program dealing with gambling addiction to become effective with any Basic Recruit Training Program beginning on or after July 1, 2002."

The heading for Subject Area #407 will now read:


The only change to the "Instructional Goal" is to the first line which has been changed by adding the words: "and other addictions." It will now read: "This course familiarizes the recruit with the conditions associated with substance abuse and other addictions."

The "Performance Objectives" have been changed by adding the following two (2) new performance objectives:

Identify and discuss the warning signs of a gambling addiction (M.1,9) (N.19).

Identify resources to treat gambling and other addictions - in addition to the employee assistance program (M.1,9) (N.19).

There were no other changes to the subject area and there should be no increase in the allotted time for the course which will remain at its present two (2) hours.

You will be receiving appropriate page changes to insert in your curriculum when they are printed.