POSTC: General Notice 01-07 Updated Physical Fitness Standards for 1-1/2 Mile Run


To:          Chief Law Enforcement Officers 
              Training Officers 
              Protective Services 
              Resident Troopers

From:      T. William Knapp
              Executive Director

Date:      December 18, 2001

Subject:  Updated Physical Fitness Standards for One and One-Half Mile (1 1/2) Run Gender Normed/Male and Female in Each Age Group (40%/50%)

The Police Officer Standards and Training Council, herein after referred to as POST Council, in 1994 and 1996, adopted physical fitness standards (General Notice 94-08 and 96-04) based on research conducted by the "Cooper Institute."

In the 2001 edition of the "Cooper Institute" physical fitness manual their research has concluded that the time requirement for the one and one-half mile (1 1/2) run in each age group and gender now needs to be slightly altered to remain valid.

Attached you will find three documents to aid your record keeping with respect to the new standards. There are two new "Physical Performance Examination" sheets, i.e., one at the fortieth (40%) percentile and one at the fiftieth (50%) percentile scales. The requirement for ENTRY into a Basic Law Enforcement Training program remains the minimum 40th percentile and the probationary candidate must establish fitness at the 50th percentile to achieve INITIAL CERTIFICATION (i.e., EXIT level). The third document attached is a "quick reference chart" for your convenience showing, on the same page, both 40th and 50th percentile standards.

All Certificate of Comparative Compliance candidates, i.e., for entry-level positions, must meet the fortieth percentile level (40%) at ENTRY and the fiftieth percentile level (50%) before achieving INITIAL CERTIFICATION in the new employing law enforcement unit. These fitness tests, i.e., the physical fitness tests for Comparative Compliance Candidates, must be conducted by POST Council staff members at the Connecticut Police Academy.

All Lateral Entry/Transfer officers for entry-level positions must meet the fiftieth percentile level (50%) at ENTRY, i.e., prior to appointment, to the new employing law enforcement unit.

These new standards are effective February 1, 2002 for anyone entering a Basic Law Enforcement training program, completing a Lateral Entry/Transfer or Certificate of Comparative Compliance. Temporarily exempted from these standards are those candidates already in an employment process resulting in their starting a Basic Law Enforcement training program prior to February 1, 2002. Those candidates will be accepted into those Basic Law Enforcement training programs under the previously established standards, i.e., General Notice 96-94.