POSTC: General Notice 01-04 Arrest and Control Curriculum Change


To:           Chief Law Enforcement Officers
                Resident Troopers
                Training Officers
                Protective Services

From:         T. William Knapp
                 Executive Director

Date:         August 27,2001


Over the past two years, the POST Council has been reviewing, developing and refining the defensive tactics/mechanics of arrest curriculum taught in Council-approved basic training programs. At the same time, staff reviewed that which we use in our in-service training programs to credential, and certify, future instructors.

Council staff drew upon the knowledge and talents of experienced defensive tactics trainers from around the state. Several meetings were held during which information was shared and methods of instruction and tactical options were discussed and analyzed. The sessions were useful and productive and, ultimately, the POST Council's desire to standardize the curriculum as a single program for all basic training programs was met. A preparatory program for instructor-candidates was also established.

The Police Officer Standards and Training Council at its June 28,2001 meeting, approved and adopted that program as the official, standardized basic training ARREST and CONTROL program. Each basic training program approved by the Council from the date of this General Notice, will now be required to present to all basic training recruits, at a minimum, that same "arrest and control" training program.