POSTC: General Notice 01-03 Mobile Tactical Weapons Simulator



To:             Chief Law Enforcement Officers
                  Resident Troopers
                  Training Officers
                  Protective Services

From:          T. William Knapp
                  Executive Director

Date:          August 27,2001

Subject:      Mobile Tactical Weapons Simulator 

It is my pleasure to announce that POST now has F.A.T.S. equipment, which will, in the immediate future, be available for loan to the various regions in the state for their use in simulated training exercises. This unit cost over a quarter of a million dollars and will be ready soon to fulfill its intended use.

POST has taken delivery of a brand new Mobile Tactical Weapons Simulator. This training tool provides the technology to give police officers training in use of force situations. It allows officers to test their evaluation and decision-making skills. It also allows for sharing of experience when critiquing the training. In addition to the opportunity to develop decision-making skills, the Simulator can be utilized to improve an officer's skill with the use of force tools that they carry. The use of spray is incorporated into the program as well as verbal communication skills.

The Simulator was purchased with the express intent of enhancing the present training of local police departments. The mobility of the Simulator allows for any police department to have access to this type of training. POST is presently coordinating training in the use of the Simulator and will be notifying departments on how to gain access to the equipment.

The Simulator, and POST-owned towing vehicle, will on display at the New England Chiefs of Police Association conference in Old Saybrook on September 8, 9, and 10. After that it will be returned to the POST Council Academy in Meriden and arrangements will be set up to allow police departments that are clients of POST to borrow it and use it for regional training in their individual regions.