POSTC: Certification Advisories


  •  Advisory 2018-01 - Revision of Instructor Criteria and Addition of an Instructor Area

  •  Advisory 2017-01 - Revision of Common POSTC Forms

  • Advisory 2016-01 - Deadlines for Submission of Certification Issues for Calendar Year 2017

  • Advisory 2013-01 - Field Training Officer Candidate Requirements and Change in the Field Training Officer Course Qualification Record Form (POSTC-58)

  • Advisory 2012-01 - Restrictions on Probationary Police Officers While on the Department Supervised Field Training Program

  • Advisory 2011-01 - To clarify the definition & breakdown of hours concerning the mandated nine (9) hours of review credit firearms (handgun only) training for recertification.

  • Advisory 2010-1 - Concerning regulations codified under Section 7-294e-7 through e-14, CT General Statutes concerning the requirements for Law Enforcement Instructor Certification & the issuance of review credit training hours to the officers for triennial recertification.