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Connecticut State-Wide Uniform Pursuit Policy

Connecticut Firearms Laws


Connecticut Newspapers and Media

Connecticut Supreme Court and Appellate Court Opinions

Connecticut Penal Code

Connecticut General Statutes & Public Acts

Connecticut Public Acts and Laws Update

Connecticut General Statutes 

Connecticut Legislative Research

Connecticut State Library

Connecticut State Police

Connecticut Model Pursuit Policy

Connecticut Police Chief's Law Enforcement Memorial

Connecticut Legislative Research Reports

Connecticut Deadly Physical Force Shooting Reports

Garrity Article FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin

HR-218 Sample Policy & Procedure

US District Court - Connecticut

Officer Down   

U.S. Congress  



IALEFI Firearms Association


Legal Research Page

Police Officer's Directory

Law Links

Steubenville Consent Decree Settlement Police Procedures & Practices

New York State Police Misconduct Links

Wound ballistics

National Institute of Justice

NIJ Use of Force Report 1999

NIJ OC Effectiveness Study 2003

FBI Uniform Crime Reports - Law Enforcement Officers Killed & Assaulted

Pepper Spray Effects upon Breathing and Positional Asphyxia

FBI Handgun Wounding Effectiveness Study

Searches of Arrested Persons

New York State Court of Claims

Connecticut Gun Seizure Statistics

The Problem Officer Early Warning Study

Domestic Violence Arrest Effectiveness Study

FBI Most Wanted

ATF Most Wanted

US Marshalls Most Wanted

Interpol Most Wanted

DEA Most Wanted

U.S. Customs

Taser Study