POSTC: Certification Division Advisory
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Certification Division Advisory



To:                   Training Officers, Protective Services,

                        Resident Troopers


From:               William E. Tanner, III Compliance Officer

                        POST-C, Certification Division


Date:               June 8, 2017


Subject:           Revision of Common POST-C Forms



The Certification Division of the Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST-C) has revised many of our most commonly used forms.  These forms are located on the Certification Division page of our website.  Please discard any hard copies of the current version of these forms so as to facilitate your business with the Certification Division.  In the near future all of these forms will be fillable on-line, in order to make them easier for users and assist in legibility for POST-C Staff.  Only the May 2017 version of these forms will be accepted after June 30, 2017. The forms affected are as follows;



POSTC-11      Instructor Application

POSTC-50      Review Training Credit Report

POSTC-50A    Review Training Credit Report (LEC CCLF - SCCJA)

POSTC-50B    Review Training Credit Report (Firearms)

POSTC-51      Entry Level Requirements (Entry Level, Lateral, and Comparative Certification)

POSTC-52      Police Officer Recertification

POSTC-56      Request for Extension of Training

POSTC-57      Departure Form

POSTC-60      Comparative Certification Request

POSTC-60A    Comparative Certification Training Completed

FTEP-4A         FTO Requirements Completed


To conserve on postage and, since they will soon be fillable on-line, the new version of the forms is not included in this mailing.

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