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General Notice 12-06 


September 12, 2012 

Council Action Adoption of a Policy for Handling Missing Persons  by Law Enforcement Agencies and the Response thereto pursuant to P.A. 07-151 as Amended by P.A. 11-102 

At the regular September meeting of the Police Officer Standards and Training Council on September 6, 2012, the Council adopted the attached document entitled, Policy for Handling Missing Persons Investigations, pursuant to Public Act 07-151 as amended by Public Act 11-102.


This General Notice and attached document supersedes General Notice 07-03.  This policy includes changes mandated by Public Act, clarifications of processes brought to our attention by field personnel and technical changes made as a result of updated information.


Primarily, Public Act 11-102 provides that a Law Enforcement Agency shall accept without delay any report of a missing person.   No law enforcement agency may refuse to accept a missing person report.  The law enforcement agency that receives a report of a missing person shall be the lead law enforcement agency in charge of the missing person investigation.  There are additional changes and additions to this policy that are contained in the narrative.


The policy can be found at the POST website ( in pdf format.  If an agency requires an electronic version, please forward an e-mail to my Administrative Assistant Nancy Deegan at from your official law enforcement agency e-mail address.  Included in this General Notice is a copy of Public Act 11-102.

Policy for Handling Missing Persons Investigations 
P.A. 11-102

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