OVA: Office of the Victim Advocate Legislation

The 2014 Legislative Session has come to a close, and the Office of the Victim Advocate achieved successful passage for two of our legislative proposals. 

The first bill, SB 262 An Act Concerning Applications For The Pretrial Alcohol Education Program, requires a defendant to notify a victim, who has sustained serious physical injury, of their application to the program and inform the victim that they have an opportunity to address the court in relation to that application.  The court is prohibited from allowing an individual to participate in the program without first seeing proof of notification to the victim by registered or certified mail and affording the victim an opportunity to be heard.  


The second bill, HB 5341 An Act Concerning The Designation Of A Person Convicted Of Criminal Violation Of A Standing Criminal Protective Order As A Persistent Offender, provides for an enhanced penalty for an individual designated as a persistent offender when the offender is in violation of a standing criminal protective order and has a prior conviction for certain crimes.  Both bills go into effect on October 1, 2014.


We are very pleased that the Legislature took action on these important victim rights issues and will continue to advocate for all victims of crime in the State of Connecticut.


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