OVA: Inquiries

How to file a complaint/inquiry with the Office of the Victim Advocate
Are you a victim of a crime or unsure of your status as a crime victim?
Do you believe that your legal rights as a crime victim have been violated?
Do you need a referral to a service provider?
Whether certain or unsure, we are available to
help clarify your status and assist where possible.
Call us: 
Toll Free (CT Residents) at 1-800-771-3126
Email us:

Confidentiality of Information

The Victim Advocate may communicate privately with any victim or person who has received, is receiving or should have received services from the state; such communications are confidential and not subject to disclosure.

The name, address and other personally identifiable information of a person making a complaint to the Victim Advocate, all information obtained or generated by the office in the course of an investigation, and all confidential records obtained by the Victim Advocate or his/her designee shall be confidential and not subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act or otherwise. Such information may, however, be disclosed (except information and records or other confidential information concerning pending law enforcement investigation or pending prosecution) if the Victim Advocate determines that disclosure is:

1. in the general public interest; or
2. necessary to enable the Victim Advocate to perform his/her responsibilities

But in no event shall the name, address or other personally identifiable information of a person be disclosed without the consent of such person.



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