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April 4, 2011

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DOC Facility Planned to Close - PDF


CJPPD Monthly Report on Arrest Warrants


JUST.START Juvenile Justice

Message from Mike Lawlor


You may have read the announcement on Friday that the Department of Corrections will be closing another correctional facility on June 1.  This is the second facility to be closed in the last year, joining Webster Correctional in Cheshire which was closed in January of last year.

See {PDF} Commissioner Arnone's press announcement.


The total prison population continues to trend downward.  Today, the inmate population is 17,609, representing an almost 12% drop since the January, 2008 high point of 19,900 inmates. (See Daily ChartThis pace continues to exceed our office's projections and we now believe that trend will continue in the months to come.


This prison closure will not result in layoffs, as Department of Correction attrition rate more than offsets the position reductions due to this closure.


{ } As part of our "justice reinvestment" strategy, we hope to redirect some of the savings to front line law enforcement and community supervision initiatives which are proven to prevent crime and/or reduce recidivism.


{ } { } Thanks, Mike

{ } Mike Lawlor
Under Secretary
Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division
State Office of Policy and Management





CJPPD Monthly Report on Arrest Warrants


Pursuant to Public Act 06-99, the number of outstanding arrest warrants for, "failure to appear" in criminal and motor vehicle proceedings and outstanding arrest warrants for violation of probation proceedings for persons residing in or who provided an address in your municipality at the time of their original arrest are now available online.  The State of Connecticut will no longer be mailing hardcopies of these reports to your offices.

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JUST.START Juvenile Justice


JUST.START is an informational campaign to promote fairness in Connecticut’s juvenile justice system for all young people, regardless of race or ethnicity. Nationally, young people of color are more likely to come in contact with the juvenile justice system and are treated more harshly there. The same is true in Connecticut. Federal law requires states to document unequal treatment and create plans to stop it. This issue is known as disproportionate minority contact or DMC. The Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee (JJAC), a governor-appointed panel, has approved specific plans to address DMC.

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