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February 8, 2011

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NEW FEATURED ARTICLE: Justice Center Announces New Report on Bipartisan Approaches to Reducing Crime, Recidivism, and Corrections Costs


CJPPD Monthly Report on Arrest Warrants


CJPPD Grants Portal

Message from Mike Lawlor


NEW Featured Article


The Council of State Governments Justice Center has released a timely update on national efforts to enact bi-partisan crime fighting initiatives aimed at reducing crime, recidivism and corrections costs.  It is definitely worth reading.


Link to Justice Center Announcement

See report at http://justicereinvestment.org/summit/report


I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this featured article. Thanks to all those who have shared their ideas with me so far. Your comments and feedback have been extremely useful.


Thanks, Mike



Mike Lawlor
Under Secretary
Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division
State Office of Policy and Management





CJPPD Monthly Report on Arrest Warrants


Pursuant to Public Act 06-99, the number of outstanding arrest warrants for, "failure to appear" in criminal and motor vehicle proceedings and outstanding arrest warrants for violation of probation proceedings for persons residing in or who provided an address in your municipality at the time of their original arrest are now posted on the Office of Policy and Management website at https://www.ct.gov/opm/cjis/rearrdata.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The State of Connecticut will no longer be mailing hardcopies of these reports to your offices.


CJPPD Grants Portal


The Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division (CJPPD) is developing a web-enabled portal to service the grants administered by the Division.  CJPPD successfully deployed a prototype of a grants portal to distribute $4.2 million of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) “stimulus” funds to 159 municipalities in Connecticut. Learning from this prototype, CJPPD plans to provide a single approach and tool for its customers, and to significantly reduce time, labor and the paper-intensive process for everyone involved.  An operational version is planned to be implemented by December 2012. See CJPPD Grants Portal Status


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The OPM Criminal Justice Bulletin provides coverage of issues and developments affecting state and local criminal justice in Connecticut and is provided as a benefit of the Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division (CJPPD). If you have received this bulletin in error please contact Linda DeConti at Linda.DeConti@ct.gov  

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