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September 1, 2011

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Request for Review of Statewide Form Currently Under Revision


CJPPD Monthly Report on Arrest Warrants


NEW Crime Lab Working Group


Message from Mike Lawlor



{ }
The Judicial Branch Form  
Conditions of Release – Family Violence (JD-CR-146 Rev. 3-10) is utilized to record conditions of release imposed by police after a family violence arrest, pursuant to CGS 54-63c(b).

{ } The Branch has informed us that this form is scheduled for reprinting as it has hit low stock quantity and it provides us with an opportunity to make any revisions that might be necessary before it is next printed.

{ } If you feel that any revisions to the form are needed, please let us know prior to September 14, 2011 .

{ } Please e-mail your suggestions to Jennifer Robinson, at Jennifer.Robinson@jud.ct.gov

{ } { } Thanks,

{ } Mike Lawlor
Under Secretary
Criminal Justice Policy and Planning Division
State Office of Policy and Management





CJPPD Monthly Report on Arrest Warrants


Pursuant to Public Act 06-99, the number of outstanding arrest warrants for, "failure to appear" in criminal and motor vehicle proceedings and outstanding arrest warrants for violation of probation proceedings for persons residing in or who provided an address in your municipality at the time of their original arrest are now available online.  The State of Connecticut will no longer be mailing hardcopies of these reports to your offices.

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NEW - Crime Lab Working Group


As you know, Governor Malloy established the Crime Lab Working Group and has tasked me to lead this team of key stakeholders and experts to develop both a short- and long-term strategy to bolster our state crime lab’s ability to deal with an unprecedented increase in its workload.

{ } We have developed a website at https://www.ct.gov/opm/crimelab  for this initiative where you can find out more, including related background materials and resources. Please let me know your ideas or any suggestions you may have.

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