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Agency Commissioners List

Administrative Services, Department of African-American Affairs Commission
Melody A. Currey, Commissioner Glenn A. Cassis, Executive Director
165 Capitol Avenue 210 Capitol Avenue, Room 509
Hartford, CT  06106  Hartford, CT  06106 
Aging, Commission on
Aging, State Department on
Julia Evans Starr, Executive Director
Elizabeth Ritter, Commissioner
210 Capitol Avenue, Room 508 55 Farmington Ave - 12th Floor
Hartford, CT 06106 Hartford, CT  06106 
Agricultural Experiment Station Agriculture, Department of
Dr. Theodore G. Andreadis, Director Steven K. Reviczky, Commissioner
123 Huntington Street 165 Capitol Avenue
New Haven, CT 06511 Hartford, CT  06106 
Asian Pacific American Affairs Attorney General, Office of the
Mui Mui Hin-McCormick, Executive Director George C. Jepsen, Attorney General
18-20 Trinity Street, Room 202 55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT  06106  Hartford, CT  06106 
Auditors of Public Accounts Auditors of Public Accounts
John C. Geragosian, State Auditor Robert W. Ward, State Auditor
State Capitol, Room 114 State Capitol, Room 114
Hartford, CT 06106 Hartford, CT 06106
Banking, Department of Board of Regents for Higher Education
Jorge Perez, Commissioner Dr. Gregory Gray, President
260 Constitution Plaza 61 Woodland Street
Hartford, CT 06103 Hartford, CT  06105 
Chief Medical Examiner, Office of the Children & Families, Department of
Dr. James Gill, Chief Medical Examiner Joette Katz,  Commissioner
11 Shuttle Road 505 Hudson Street 
Farmington, CT 06032 Hartford, CT  06106 
Children, Commission on
Elaine Zimmerman, Executive Director
18-20 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT  06106 
Consumer Counsel, Office of Consumer Protection, Department of
Elin Katz, Consumer Counsel Jonathan A. Harris, Commissioner
10 Franklin Square 165 Capitol Avenue
New Britain, CT 06051 Hartford, CT 06106
Correction, Department of Criminal Justice, Division of
Scott Semple, Commissioner Kevin Kane, Chief State's Attorney
24 Wolcott Hill Road 300 Corporate Place
Wethersfield, CT 06109 Rocky Hill, CT 06067
Developmental Services, Economic & Community Development,
Department of Department of
Morna A. Murray, Commissioner Catherine Smith, Commissioner
460 Capitol Avenue 505 Hudson Street
Hartford, CT 06106 Hartford, CT 06106
Emergency Services & Public Protection, Energy & Environmental Protection,
Department of Department of
Dora B. Schriro, Commissioner Robert Klee, Commissioner
1111 Country Club Road 79 Elm Street
Middletown, CT  06457 Hartford, CT 06106
Environmental Quality, Council on Governmental Accountability, Office of
Karl J. Wagener, Executive Director Shelby J. Brown, Executive Administrator 
79 Elm Street 20 Trinity Street
Hartford, CT 06106 Hartford, CT 06106
Governor, Office of the Health Care Advocate,
Dannel P. Malloy, Governor  Office of the
State Capitol Victoria Veltri, Health Care Advocate
Hartford, CT 06106
450 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106
Higher Education, Office of Housing, Department of
Jane Ciarleglio, Executive Director Evonne Klein, Commissioner
61 Woodland Street 505 Hudson Street
Hartford, CT 06105-2326 Hartford, CT  06106
Human Rights & Opportunities, Insurance Department
Commission on Katharine Wade, Commissioner
Tanya Hughes, Interim Executive Director 153 Market Street
25 Sigourney Street Hartford, CT  06103
Hartford, CT  06106 
Judicial Department Labor, Department of
Patrick Carroll, Chief Court Administrator Sharon M. Palmer, Commissioner
231 Capitol Avenue 200 Folly Brook Boulevard
Hartford, CT  06106 Wethersfield, CT  06109
Latino & Puerto Rican Affairs Commission Legislative Management, Office of
Werner Oyanadel, Acting Executive Director James Tracy, Executive Director
18-20 Trinity Street Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT  06106 Hartford, CT  06106
Lieutenant Governor, Office of the Mental Health & Addiction Services,
Nancy S. Wyman, Lieutenant Governor Department of
State Capitol Miriam Delphin-Rittmon, Phd, Commissioner
Hartford, CT  06106 410 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT  06106 
Military Department Motor Vehicles, Department of
Major General Thaddeus J. Martin Andres Ayala, Jr., Commissioner
Adjutant General 60 State Street
State Armory Wethersfield, CT  06161
Hartford, CT  06105 
Policy & Management, Office of Probate Court Administration
Benjamin Barnes, Secretary Judge Paul J. Knierim,
450 Capitol Avenue Probate Court Administrator
Hartford, CT  06106  186 Newington Road
West Hartford, CT  06110
Protection & Advocacy for Persons Psychiatric Security Review Board
with Disabilities, Office of Ellen Weber Lechance, Executive Director
Craig B. Henrici, Executive Director 505 Hudson Street, 1st Floor
60-B Weston Street Hartford, CT 06106
Hartford, CT  06120
Public Defender Services Commission Public Health, Department of
Susan Storey, Chief Public Defender Dr.Raul Pino, Commissioner
30 Trinity Street 410 Capitol Avenue, MS#13COM
Hartford, CT  06106  Hartford, CT  06106 
Rehabilitative Services, Department of Revenue Services, Department of
Amy Porter, Commissioner Kevin B. Sullivan, Commissioner
25 Sigourney Street 25 Sigourney Street
Hartford, CT  06106  Hartford, CT 06106
Secretary of the State Social Services, Department of
Denise Merrill, Secretary of the State Roderick Bremby, Commissioner
State Capitol, 30 Trinity Street 25 Sigourney Street
Hartford, CT  06106  Hartford, CT  06106 
Soldiers, Sailors & Marines Fund State Comptroller, Office of the
John D. Monahan, Administrator Kevin Lembo, State Comptroller
864 Wethersfield Avenue  55 Elm Street 
Hartford, CT  06114 Hartford, CT  06106 
State Department of Education State Library
Dianna Roberge-Wentzell, Intern Comm. Kendall Wiggin, State Librarian
165 Capitol Avenue, Room 321 231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT  06106 Hartford, CT  06106 
State Treasurer, Office of the Status of Women, Permanent
Denise Nappier, State Treasurer Commission on the
55 Elm Street  Vacant, Executive Director
Hartford, CT  06106 18-20 Trinity Street 
Hartford, CT  06106
Teachers' Retirement Board Transportation, Department of
Darlene Perez, Administrator James P. Redeker, Commissioner
765 Asylum Avenue 2800 Berlin Turnpike
Hartford, CT  06105 Newington, CT  06131-7546
UConn Health Center  UConn
Dr. Frank M. Torti, Dr. Susan Herbst, President
Executive Vice President 352 Mansfield Road, Unit 2048 
263 Farmington Avenue  Storrs, CT  06269-2048
Farmington, CT  06030 
Veterans' Affairs, Department of Workers' Compensation Commission
Sean Connolly, Acting Commissioner John A. Mastropietro, Chairman
287 West Street 21 Oak Street, 4th Floor Suites
Rocky Hill, CT  06067 Hartford, CT  06106 
Commissioners List & Emails
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