OPM: How to Reach Us

How to Reach Us

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Contact Information

450 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106-1379, USA

Webmaster: OPMwebmaster@ct.gov

General Information: 860-418-6200
Toll Free (Within Connecticut): 1-800-286-2214
TDD (Telecommunications Device for the Deaf): 860-418-6456
FAX: 860-418-6487

Directions to OPM
OPM is located at 450 Capitol Avenue in the City of Hartford within the State of Connecticut in the United States of America.

Traveling on I-84 East: Take the Capitol Avenue exit (Exit 48B). At the end of the exit ramp, at the light, turn right onto Capitol Avenue. Travel through three (3) lights, and the complex begins at the four (4) story white brick building on your right (410 Capitol Avenue), which is after Hartford Office Supply.

Traveling on I-84 West: Take the Sigourney Street exit (Exit 47). Turn left at the light at the end of the exit ramp onto Sigourney Street. Pass under the highway and go through one (1) light. Follow signs to Capitol Avenue, bearing left at fork. Turn left at light onto Park Terrace. At the light, turn right onto Capitol Avenue. The complex begins with the second brick building on your left (470 Capitol Avenue).

Traveling on I-91 North: Take the I-84 West exit (Exit 32A) and follow the directions above for traveling on I-84 West.

Traveling on I-91 South: Take the I-84 West exit and follow directions above for traveling on I-84 West.

{Photo of OPM front door}
This is a photo of our front door near the intersection of Putnam Street and Capitol Avenue. The door trim and hand rails are green. Not very exciting, but this is what to look for in case you miss it.

Capitol Avenue Complex

Capitol Avenue Complex: The 410 - 470 Capitol Avenue complex is located on Capitol Avenue, Hartford, approximately 1/2 mile west of the State Capitol and is comprised of four (4) buildings connected via an underground concourse.

  • The first building in the complex which is recognizable by its "beige" or white brick exterior, houses the Department of Public Health, the Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services and the Office of Health Care Access (410 Capitol Avenue).
  • The second building in the Capitol Avenue Complex heading west on Capitol Ave, is a five (5) story red brick building with a green roof that houses the Office of Policy and Management (450 Capitol Avenue).
  • The third building, also red brick, houses the Department of Mental Retardation (460 Capitol Avenue).
  • The last building in the complex (470 Capitol Avenue) houses both the cafeteria and several conference rooms. This building is not accessible from the outside and visitors must check in with the security guard located in the first floor lobby at 450 Capitol Avenue. The security guard will direct visitors to the underground concourse that connects to 470 Capitol Avenue.


Limited "Visitor Parking" is available behind the 410 - 470 Capitol Avenue complex. There are security guards stationed in the parking lot to direct you to the visitor parking spaces.

If no visitors' spaces are available behind the 410-474 Capitol Avenue Complex, security guards will advise guests to proceed to the satellite parking lots at Oak and Capitol, and/or Forest and Capitol. If more than five visitors are expected for a meeting, all attendees should be directed to the Forest and Capitol parking lot.

The Oak and Capitol parking lot is 1/3 mile east of OPM. Heading east, Oak Street is the fourth light on the right past OPM. The Forest and Capitol parking lot is mile west of OPM. Heading west, Forest Street is at the fifth light past OPM. Turn right at the intersection of Forest Street and Capitol Avenue. The entrance to the parking lot is the first left.

There is a shuttle service from the Oak Street and the Forest Street parking lots to OPM from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Handicapped Access

Handicapped parking spaces are available at the 410 - 474 Capitol Avenue Complex as well as at the satellite parking lots at Oak and Capitol, and Forest and Capitol.

The 410 - 474 Capitol Avenue Complex has a pedestrian walkway near a mass transportation public bus station. There is also an exterior ramp and crosswalk near this public transportation area at building 450 Capitol Avenue.

In addition, there is a ramped entranceway at the rear of building 460 Capitol Avenue.

There is also a ramped entrance at the rear of building 410 Capitol Avenue that has a ramped concourse permitting access throughout the 410 - 474 Capitol Avenue Complex.

A fully accessible shuttle (e.g., the bus as a hydraulic lift) that runs on a published shuttle service the Capitol Avenue Complex, Oak and Capitol, and Forest and Capitol parking lots.

All handicapped parking areas, crosswalks and building access are clearly marked. Security guards are available to assist individuals who may not be familiar with the location of handicapped spaces at the 410 - 474 Capitol Avenue Complex.

Shuttle Bus Service

The Department of Public Works runs a shuttle service for the convenience of employees and visitors to the 410-474 Capitol Avenue Complex. The bus is fully accessible (e.g., the bus has a hydraulic lift) and runs on a published shuttle service.