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  {The Connecticut Partneship for Long Term Care}


The State of Connecticut has joined forces with private insurance companies to provide Connecticut residents with ...

  • unbiased information about the need for long-term care; 

  • the ability to find and purchase quality, affordable long-term care insurance; AND 

  • a way to get needed care without depleting assets.

To learn more, click on the link to the right:  CT Partnership

Click here for the schedule of the CT Partnership's upcoming Public Forums.

For information on additional CT Partnership presentations open to the public, or to request a Partnership presentation in your community, please call Aldo Pantano at


Click here to learn more about the CT Partnership Producer Certification Training Program.

Connecticut has been approved as a member of the Medicaid Asset Protection Reciprocity Compact - CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW THIS IMPACTS CONNECTICUT PARTNERSHIP POLICYHOLDERS.


Please visit us again as new topics and seminars are frequently updated and added!

For more information contact:
David Guttchen, Director
(860) 418-6318

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